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About Us

Our Story

Dos Artes Brands was born 10 years ago it's a family-owned business based in California, focused on representing premium artisanal Tequilas; our mission is to bring to the US artisanal boutique brands highly committed to their values and authentic Mexican art. Brands that share a passion for showcasing the Mexica Folklore subtly and elegantly, products that care for the environment, designs that respect the Mexican traditions and craft, and premium liquids that allow consumers to enjoy the best of Mexico on every sip.

We encourage you to find out more about our arts.

The Art of Tequila

The Art of the Handmade Bottle

Dos Artes Añejo Gran Reserva

La Catrina (Epifanía Azul) in the making!

Tequila Dos Artes is the result of several hours of work by the hands of Mexican Artisans; it takes up to 3 days to make one single bottle of Dos Artes Clásico, and many people are involved in this process; the Tequila Juice itself takes years, if one counts from the growing of the Agave Plant to the bottling process, it's the result of years of work.

Dos Artes Tequila is for those who want to enjoy every second of it. And we recommend doing so. Enjoy and Drink Responsibly.

“Bebe la cantidad justa de tequila”. Anónimo

"Drink the right amount of tequila". Anonymous